[Meta]rials (2018)

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“East Bay impresario Elia Vargas enacts his in situ [Meta]rials, an anti-Anthropocenevisual rite where dry ice meets crude oil.”

- Craig Baldwin


Oil Being: an [intra]action


Oil Being: an [intra]action is a performance about light and crude oil as a material-discursive practice. The performance will explore the entanglement of light and oil, the early oil industry, and mysticism. Wearing little more than nylons, the first fiber synthesized from petroleum, Vargas’ performance engages a feminist ethics of matter and movement.


Sputter, or The Domestication of Earth Energy

The world was changed in 1859, when a commercial crude oil well began successful extraction, creating a bifurcation of earth energy into fossil fuels and mystic medicinal imaginings. Oil infrastructure and oil materiality have transformed the surface of this globe. Oil is media. The body is medium.